Our 55-year-strong reputation for innovation and engineering excellence is harnessed through the use of technology, allowing us to tailor our showcases in-line with the needs of our clients. 

Advanced Environmental Control

Whether it’s tablet-based control systems for larger showcases, wireless controls for lighting, motorised door systems or OLED and smart-glass applications, our team will meet every challenge. Our advanced environmental climate showcases can be produced with an array of options such as humidity and temperature control, anoxic nitrogen systems and pollutant filtration.

case advanced environmental control

The Magic You Don’t See

Behind the scenes and crucial to our team are our software engineer and our development engineer. They transform ideas into tangible products that meet customer needs and drive business improvement as well as designing, developing and maintaining software systems, utilising programming languages and frameworks to meet specific business requirements and solve operational issues. Together, they create and curate the cost modelling and management systems used across the business, which are consistently adapted and improved as client needs arise and change.

Cloud-Based Configuration

Our Click Configurable brand is our robust and on-demand tool for our commercial, project management and design engineering departments to generate live Inventor models through a cloud-based configuration tool, which our team has built in-house.

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