History comes home

A remarkable glimpse into the life of the most excavated town in Northern Ireland

  • inca vista and prism cases at the carrickfergus museum
  • inca vista and prism cases at the carrickfergus museum

Located in the heart of the town, the new Carrickfergus Museum explores centuries of history through a range of fascinating collections that are being displayed in their home town for the first time.

We supplied a range of showcases for these collections which are now displayed and interpreted using a range of media, including audio visual presentations and hands-on interactives.

Carrickfergus is the most excavated town in Northern Ireland and the finds provide a remarkable glimpse into life in Medieval and later times.

The museum reflects both the stories and experiences of ordinary people together with the dramatic and tumultuous events in the town's history. The Anglo-Norman conquest and settlement in the 12th centurey, Arthur Chichester"s developments, Cromwell"s campaign in Ireland in the 1640s, the Williamite campaign in Ireland in 1689-92 and the 18th century wars with France and the American Colonies all these historical events impacted on Carrickfergus directly and are reflected in the displays.

"ClickNetherfield's showcases more than fulfilled both our requirement to create drama in the displays and the demands of both our client and loan institutions including the Ulster Museum, the Royal Armouries and British Museum, to provide secure and environmentally stable conditions."

Nick Bowling,

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What's Inside

Treasure and artefacts excavated in Carrickfergus, interpreted through multi-media and audio-visual presentations.


Carrickfergus Museum





Cases Used

Inca, Prism and Vista