The Architectural Diversity Of The Baron Gerard Museum

The exhibition of the Baron Gerard Museum Collections, in the former Episcopal palace of Bayerux, provides exceptional beauty.

The Baron Gerard Museum (MAHB) set in the ancient bishop's palace of Bayeux (11th-18th century). It is an art museum dedicated to the history of the town of Bayeux and it was named after Baron Henri-Alexandre Gerard, who was an art connoisseur.

The collections are articulated around three main points. A china manufacture was founded in Bayeux in 1812. It closed in 1951. The museum refers to this one and a half century of art creation applied to industry. In the last century, the city became on of the most important European lace centres. The Baron Gerard project offered ClickNetherfield the unique challenge of creating showcases to a particular aesthetic that required the cases be suspended from columns. Working alongside structural engineers the ClickNetherfield technical department devised a solution which encompassed constructing the cases from steel sections, surface bonding the glass, supporting the cases with steel cables and developing a "hinge and slide" access mechanism to create a result that not only fulfilled the clients vision but matched our own standards in environmental control, security and quality.

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What's Inside

The museum shows the visitor the wealth and the extraordinary richness and quality of the laces entirely made by hand, with needles or bobbins. From the first Italian and Dutch artists to the impressionist, the greatest names of paintings are to be seen throughout the tour.


The Baron Gerard Museum





Unique Features

The showcases were suspended, they were hanging off the pillar

Cases Used

Bespoke cases