Mono Showcases

  • our mono showcase in a museum display
  • black and white design of mono showcases

The Mono case design turns any niche or aperture into a high specification showcase providing an intimate and dramatic display space within the very fabric of the building.

The Mono design can be provided as a front to an aperture or as a complete sealed enclosure. Once the display area is secured by the Mono you can then add lighting, shelving, labelling or any of our other additional case options. The alternative of a Steel Mono presents the opportunity to really push the limits of your exhibition and these are perfect for large sizes and custom detailed designs.

The elegant Mono design maintains a single plane between the secure glass door and the walls to bring your visitors closer to the heart of the museum.

Type of exhibits

With a single viewing direction, the Mono design range is very flexible and displays can be easily changed or reconfigured. Cases have been used for a wide variety of small to medium size exhibit types including paintings, tapestries, ceramics, silverware, coins, medals, documents, insects and stamps.


Mono cases are best lit internally from the top and a full range of lighting, soffit and diffuser options are available. Additionally, LED or fibre optic side lighting can be provided. Note that access must be provided in the wall or exhibition structure to service lighting.


When supplied as a fully sealed enclosure, shelving can be provided using hanging rods from the top of the case or cantilever brackets mounted to the back.


Mono cases are usually provided with side hinged doors that provide full access to the case interior, they can also be provided with top hinged doors which are supported by gas springs or stays incorporated within their framework.

Protecting your exhibits

Conservation - The Mono design solution is inherently well sealed and with careful selection of structural panel and internal panel materials it is suitable for the most sensitive of exhibits to be displayed.

Security - With the Mono design solution all the glass edges are secured within a minimal yet robust metal frame to protect against attack. Cases are fitted with concealed hinges and two Abloy™ locks, which provide a high level of security and a wide range of keying options. Alarm sensors are easily concealed within the case structure.

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