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    The Exhibit

    All showcase design should start with the exhibit. How big is it? How will it be mounted? How valuable is it? Is it flat or three dimensional? Will it be viewed from one side or all round? The exhibit will guide your choice of showcase.

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    How sensitive is your exhibit and what protection does it need from your gallery environment?

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    Ideally people see the exhibit and not the showcase but where showcase elements are visible, design is critical in relation to exhibits, architecture and exhibition design. From simple labels to full graphics and complex interactives, these elements will influence your showcase design.

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    The best display can be compromised by poor lighting. Think about lighting from the outset, and involve us in your lighting design - we can help you make it perfect.

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    Any display provides a level of physical security, but only a well specified showcase offers the right level. Think about your overall security strategy - your showcase is only one element of it, albeit an important one.

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    How often will you need to open the case? Daily, rarely or never? Do your staff work alone? These questions will help you decide which type of door and door mechanism you will need. We believe that one person should be able to access a showcase without putting themselves or exhibits at risk.

Showcase wizard

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