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Vision cases allow total visibility of small to medium exhibits on display whilst providing protection and simple hinged access. A classic all-glass vitrine bonded into a minimal top and bottom frame.

Cases can be created as full height costume cases or mounted on plinths, shelves or walls with one glass side opening for exhibit access.

A Vision showcase is little short of stunning. A clear glass box, capable of displaying exhibits in 360° clarity. They are available in single-bay configurations, and are able to support a wide range of shelving and lighting options.

Type of exhibits

Vision cases are ideally suited for small to medium exhibits that should be seen from all directions, including sculpture, ceramics, costume, silverware, scientific instruments, clocks, ship models and natural history exhibits.


External lighting is best for the Vision design range, although we can provide lighting solutions within the base of the case or as part of an internal feature. By incorporating a mirrored surface in the top of the case, a very effective even spread of light can be achieved by concealing lights in the base of the case and reflecting the light back down onto the exhibits.


Vision cases allow shelving to be supported from a hanging rod system, with rods mounted through holes in the glass top.


Vision cases have a hinged opening which is designed to be opened effortlessly by one person. Hinges are expressed externally and wider doors may require additional support when opened.

Protecting your exhibits

Conservation - The Vision design solution is inherently well sealed and, with careful selection of baseboard materials, it is suitable for the most sensitive of exhibits to be displayed.

Security - With the Vision design solution, we can provide up to 11.5mm anti-bandit laminated glass. The lower frame contains an Abloy™ CL103 lock providing security and a wide range of keying options. The top is fixed in position with a security screw. Alarm sensors are easily concealed within the lower case structure.

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