Custom Solutions

The perfect solution - without compromise

  • our custom showcase in a museum display
  • black and white design of custom showcases

Sometimes, the right solution is a unique solution.

You may want to embed showcases in the fabric of your building. You may have a striking and integrated architectural vision that cries out for cases in unique shapes, or made of unusual materials. You may need to house objects of enormous size, or immense value. Whatever you need - ClickNetherfield can design it, build it and install it.

Our years of experience, our design skill and our manufacturing capacity mean that you, your architect or your designer can have the perfect solution - without compromise. We work with your project team, bringing your design concept to life whilst maintaining the security and conservation performance of your cases.

Over the years, we've created showcases that echo the vision of some of the world's leading architects - from Frank Gehry to I M Pei. We've built cases from the enormous to the minute, holding items of immense cultural, historical or financial value. All our projects give us an opportunity to push the boundaries of showcase design.

Every part of your showcase project, from concept to handover, is overseen by specialists. We manage the details. We liaise with museums, architects, designers and contractors. We design, build, assemble and commission your new showcases and train your staff in their use and maintenance. Our design teams work in both real and virtual worlds: 3D modeling software helps us test, prototype and refine our designs before we make them real. Our manufacturing system is a well-tuned combination of human skill and machine perfection; CNC machinery creates perfect components time and again, and these components are checked, approved and assembled by skilled hands.

Whatever your requirements, we can showcase your vision. Without compromise.

Specimen Cabinets

Unique storage for unique specimens.

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The art of culture

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation is a stunning display of artefacts and manuscripts.

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Complete Solutions

Wherever you are in your decision-making process, ClickNetherfield is here to help you.

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Custom solutions

The perfect fit.

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