Radian Showcases

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Radian cases have a conceptual dynamic all of their own; structures, exhibits and stories flow together emphasising their continuity and connection.

The Radian design solution allows curved glass panels to be connected together in a variety of configurations, allowing full circles, arcs and free flowing curves to be formed utilising the inherent structural capacity of a curved plane for rigidity. A curved corner case can be ideal to maximise the use of what could otherwise be dead space.

With the option of glass tops or light hoods, cases can be created as full height costume cases or mounted on plinths, shelves or walls.

Type of exhibits

Radian cases can be used most effectively to display small to large exhibits which are inherently suitable for curved cases due to their shape or where the cases add to the context of the exhibit narrative. They have previously been used for sports trophies, costume, hats, globes, ship models, sculpture and architectural models.


A top light hood allows a comprehensive variety of lighting solutions to be provided with lighting also possible from the bottom and sides of cases. By careful use of lighting and colour finishes reflections can be minimised.


The Radian design solutions allow shelving to be incorporated, usually from a hanging rod system with rods mounted to the top channel or we can incorporate cantilever shelving systems within Radian cases with structural panels.


Radian cases are generally provided with hinged doors designed to be opened effortlessly by one person. Cases are structurally stable when open and, in most circumstances, there is no need for additional support mechanisms.

Protecting your exhibits

Conservation - The Radian design solution provides a high level of dust sealing and, with careful selection of baseboard and structural materials, it is suitable for most exhibits to be displayed.

Security - With the Radian design solution, the glass is the key factor in the level of security and anti-bandit specifications are available. With hinged doors, hinges are fully concealed and cases can be provided with a two stage locking system, using a mechanical lock and a high security Abloy™ CL291 lock, providing a high level of security and a wide range of keying options. Alarm sensors are easily concealed within the case structure.

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