Vision Restored

A never-before-seen collection of objects has been displayed at long last, with a little help from ClickNetherfield

Owned by and a short distance from Armagh Public Library, Number 5 Vicars' Hill is a beautiful 18th century building known to locals as The Former Registry but now renamed 'No. 5'

No. 5 recently underwent a major restoration project, restoring the building to its former glory and creating a place to display items from the Library's collection, previously stored out of public view due to space restrictions. Given the sheer size of the collections, important consideration was given to how best to interest visitors without overwhelming them. Access drawer units are a good solution to a showcasing a very large collection of small items, such as coins, allowing for optimum display of numerous items together.

"The bespoke eight-sided design mirrors the shape of the two rooms perfectly, and respects the symmetry of the Georgian architecture."

Carol Conlin, Project Manager

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Exhibition fact file

What's Inside

A vast collection of coins, among other antiques and collections


No 5 at Armagh Public Library


October 2010

Exhibition Design

Tandem Design

Cases Used

Prism, Access