Trials of war

Commemorating Australia's involvement in global conflict.

  • inca cases at the australian war memorial
  • inca cases at the australian war memorial
  • inca cases at the australian war memorial

Designcraft's close relationship with both designer and museum allowed them to create a gallery that not only displays the exhibits, but brings them to life.

The Australian War Memorial commemorates Australia's involvement in global conflict - an illustrious military history full of heroism and heartache. The museum's recent renovation of its post-1945 galleries gave Designcraft, our Australian partner, the opportunity to work with the museum and with Cunningham Martyn Design of Melbourne. This was a challenging project - with only 1500 square metres of floor space available in which to do justice to Australia's involvement in wars, notably in Korea, Vietnam, Malaya, Borneo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Designcraft designed and built seventy-five cases for the gallery. They used an extensive range of case styles in order to make the most of the limited space - from tiny custom-designed medal cases to an intentionally rust-covered conical structure that houses the Kapyong diorama.

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What's Inside

Australian military history from 1945 to the present day.


Australian War Memorial, Canberra


Various phases since 1996


Cunningham Martyn Design



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