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An exploration of the vibrant history of Ballymoney, and a unique collection of items associated with irish motorcycle racing

Ballymoney Museum, which aims to tell the history of the local area, has recently moved to a beautiful new building and undergone a complete reinvention of its exhibitions spaces.

Scheduled to open on 1st May 2009, the Museum will allow visitors to discover local life through a modern and elegant design. Responsible for the design of the new galleries, Haley Sharpe Design has developed interesting concepts, which are highlighted here by Mr Viresh Patel.

Could you introduce the project?

The project was conceived by Ballymoney Borough Council and so far has been a collaboration between the Council itself, the Causeway Museum Service and Haley Sharpe Design. Patton Fit-Out have been appointed as the main exhibit fit-out contractors with whom ClickNetherfield are working closely. The museum is directly linked to the refurbished Town Hall in Ballymoney.

What will be on display?

The museum spaces currently occupy approximately 190sq.m and are divided into three distinct areas: the permanent exhibition, which tells the story of the people and town of Ballymoney; the temporary exhibition space, which houses local and touring exhibitions; and the Glass link, an area that acts as a resource centre for research and genealogy. The exhibits aim to deliver the themes in an engaging format utilising various display elements such as new showcases which are collection rich and display a wide and varied range of historical artefacts, audio visual touch-screens showing new film and archive material.

What was our role in the project?

ClickNetherfield's role on this particular project has been the task of taking the initial designs for our display cases from us and detailing the specifications to meet all the technical requirements. Robert Swan, your project manager, has been working closely with us to ensure that the initial briefs and original design intent are being followed. This has had to be done in coordination with Patton's exhibit fit-out details to ensure that the cases are tailored to fit in with the overall style of the exhibition.

You will also be responsible for delivery and installation of the cases on site.

What have you appreciated about the collaboration with us?

We have greatly appreciated your general efficiency in all aspects of the project, especially with regards to dealing with technical responses to provide the best solutions in order to complete a challenging project. Another commendable aspect is your ability to turn around all shop drawings quickly in order that the manufacturing time scale and overall project programme could remain on schedule.

Have you had to face a particular challenge for this project?

One of the unique requirements that needed to be met was the change in environmental conditioning within specific sections of two multi-bay display cases. Due to a wide range of artefacts of mixed material being displayed together, it was essential that the conservation requirements were met as stipulated by the institutions that are loaning their collection for display. One resolve for this was to identify the conservator's requirements for individual artefacts and segregate the objects within the case by using a glass divider panel. These individual bays were then controlled with a mechanical air handling unit as opposed to the others which would be controlled via passive air handling using Pro-Sorb sheets.

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An exploration of the vibrant history of Ballymoney. The museum features bronze-age and mediaeval archaeology, items related to the political history of Ireland, as well as a unique collection of items related to Irish motor cycle racing.


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