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An opportunity to experience the vast and varied nature of life through one of the world's finest collections of taxidermied specimens.

  • inca cases at the smithsonian national museum
  • inca cases at the smithsonian national museum
  • inca cases at the smithsonian national museum

This award winning new mammal hall represents the largest renovation of the National Museum of Natural History since the building opened in 1910.

It is more than three times the size of the old one. This 22,500 square foot exhibit took three years and was spurred by a $20 million gift from Behring. Three hundred scientists, taxidermists and designers worked on the project. Total cost: $31.3 million.

The exhibit contains over 274 taxidermied animals from polar bear to tiger. To protect these valuable exhibits we manufactured many different secure, conservation-grade exhibit cases in differing styles to suit the stunning refurbished interior. The showcases show the art of taxidermy to its best effect, the southern two-toed sloth is shown in the upside-down position it uses to eat, sleep and give birth. Others show hoofed animals such as deer, antelopes and giraffes in dynamic dioramas.

The new hall is airy, lively, friendly and very accessible - the displays make it inviting and interesting for children.

Michael Killian,
Chicago Tribune

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Hundreds of preserved animal specimens from around the world.


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