Place of worship

The Byodo-In temple, originally built in 998ad, was one of Japan's finest buddhist temples.

  • inca and prism cases at the byodo-in temple museum
  • inca and prism cases at the byodo-in temple

Built in 998AD during the Heian period, Byodo-In is a famous Buddhist temple in the city of Uji in the Kyoto prefecture.

Featured on the ¥10 coin, the temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In its beautiful treasure house stunning artefacts from the Heian era are displayed. The Phoenix Hall, the great statue of Amida inside it, and several other items at Byodo-In temple are Japanese national treasures.

To display these precious exhibits, we have designed and supplied custom-made cases. Their minimalist design has been developed to suit the pure design of the gallery and give a clear visual access to the treasures, whilst keeping them well protected and in a stable environment. Special cases were designed to house the stunning statues of Ho-o birds, which were once attached to the roof of the Chudo and are now preserved in the treasure house. All cases are made of anti-bandit Optiwhite™ glass, which gives clear visual access to the treasures whilst keeping them protected in a well-sealed environment.

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What's Inside

Byodo-In's national treasures, including 52 wooden Bodhisattvas, the temple bell, the south end Phoenix and other historically noteworthy items.


Byodo-In temple, Uji Kyoto




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Cases Used

Inca, Prism and custom solutions