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The carnegie museum of natural history asked us to create safe and beautiful homes for their astonishing collection of minerals, gems and fossils.

  • inca cases at the carnegie natural history museum
  • inca cases at the carnegie natural history museum
  • inca cases at the carnegie natural history museum

In 2007 the Carnegie Museum of Natural History completed a two-year project to renovate and expand its historic Dinosaur Hall.

We worked with Maltbie and a team from the museum to design, build and install a dramatic new permanent exhibition - Dinosaurs in their Time. Almost all the showcases in this exhibit are custom designs. Many have been integrated into the fabric of the building, and some were constructed around the specimens they contain.

While this work was being done, the museum also renovated and expanded the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems. An integral part of the expansion was the creation of the Wertz Gallery of Jewellery and Gems - a sumptuous display of rare gems and extraordinary jewellery.

Another breathtaking feature of the completely redesigned and renovated Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems is a grand entryway into the hall comprised of granite-clad showcases, created to mark the hall's dramatic rebirth.

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What's Inside

Over 1,300 minerals, gems, fossils and archaeological objects.


Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh




Hillman Hall of Minerals and the Wertz Hall of Jewellery and Gems


Van Sickle & Rolleri


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