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The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology was recently redeveloped in what was the first renovation project since the museum opened in 1913.

With a 300% increase in visitors over the last 5 years, the museum felt that an upgrade was long overdue in order to increase accessibility and help to create something more like the public institution that the museum deserves to be. For a long time they'd wanted to redo their archaeology galleries, and for an even longer time they'd wanted a front door! Previously, access was gained via the courtyard and looked a little forbidding.

So with funding mainly from the Li Ka Shing Foundation and the DCMS-Wolfson Fund they commenced a project to completely redevelop the ground floor, giving them a new front door with a reception area and a shop, a new temporary exhibition space and new archaeology galleries. Dr Mark Elliott, Exhibitions Coordinator at the museum said "We think the new space looks fantastic and are delighted with the finished results. It is brighter, airier and generally a much more pleasant space to be in. We're also looking forward t being able to do a lot more with our collections thanks to the TESS Demountable cases we got for our temporary exhibition space."

The showcases are fundamental to the new galleries, and we're very pleased with them

Dr Mark Elliott, Exhibitions Coordinator, Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

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world-class collections of Oceanic, Asian, African and native American art - canoes, sculptures, masks, and textiles - and major archaeological discoveries, ranging from the earliest stone tools, discovered by Louis Leakey in Olduvai Gorge, to British finds from Roman and medieval periods


Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at University of Cambridge


May 2012


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