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Prehistoric, historic and contemporary artwork, personal expressions and video presentations combine to tell the stories of American Indian cultures

  • inca cases at the heard museum
  • inca cases at the heard museum
  • inca cases at the heard museum

The Heard Museum is a private, non profit museum founded in 1929 by Dwight B. and Maie Bartlett Heard to house their personal collection of cultural and fine art.

75 years on USA Today describes it as 'the nation's most prestigious private Indian arts centre'

The mission and philosophy of the Heard Museum today is to educate the public about the heritage and living cultures and arts of Native peoples, with an emphasis on the peoples of the Southwest.

The opening of the $7.6 million, 21,000 square-foot exhibition marked the culmination of the Heard Museums, 75th Anniversary celebration. It provides a journey through the Southwest and the vibrant arts and culture of native people from the distant past to today.

Some 2000 treasures on display include jewellery, cultural items, pottery, beadwork, baskets and textiles and 500 Hopi katsina dolls. Multimedia and interactive displays, short films and a video gallery showing the new production Home, set the context of the artefacts.

Outside, all part of the Home story is a garden filled with native plants and trees and house structures including a Navajo hogan, Hopi piki room,Yaqui ramada and Pueblo oven Design by Ganymede.

The design and architectural challenges for The Heard Museum project were all achieved through teamwork, creativity and strong management.

Chuck Maltbie,
President of Maltbie

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What's Inside

Extensive collections of native American art and cultural items.


The Heard Museum Phoenix, Arizona




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