Ancient Games

As part of the beijing olympics, clicknetherfield created a stunning selection of showcases for the ancient olympic games exhibition.

  • inca cases at the hong kong heritage museum
  • inca cases at the hong kong heritage museum
  • inca cases at the hong kong heritage museum

The Ancient Olympic Games Exhibition was a major cultural event, one of many that were held in Hong Kong as part of the Beijing Olympics.

We were delighted to design and build 30 bespoke showcases for the Ancient Olympic Games Exhibition, a landmark cultural event jointly presented by Hong Kong's Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Trustees of the British Museum.

The British Museum selected more than 110 priceless items for the exhibition, including sculptures, pottery, goldware, bronzeware, coins and medals, and for the first time loaned the world-renowned marble sculpture "Discobolus" (The Discus Thrower).

The exhibition focused on the sporting venues of ancient Olympia, the different events held at the ancient games and the ceremonies honouring the winners and associated religious activities. It also traced the development of the modern Olympic Games and reviewed the history of the participation of China and Hong Kong in this festival of sport.

This project was one of three projects that we completed in Hong Kong in 2008 and one of more than 20 projects in Asia.

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What's Inside

Artefacts relating to the Olympic Games including pottery given as prizes in ancient Greece and sculpture including a Roman depiction of African boxers dating from 2nd Century BC.


Hong Kong Heritage Museum


August - November 2008


LCSD Hong Kong

Cases Used