The story of a city

Telling the story of one of australia's most famous cities could have been a daunting task. large cases in complex arrangements created a technically demanding, but successful and eye-catching solution.

  • bespoke showcase solution at the melbourne museum

The Melbourne Story exhibition explores the history of the city, from early contact between white settlers and local indigenous peoples.

It gives visitors the opportunity to look at the unfolding Melbourne story through the eyes of its citizens.

This was a significant and demanding project, successfully completed by our Australian partners, Designcraft. They supplied more than forty showcases in seven different designs, including some in extremely unconventional shapes. The high levels of access required, and the size and weight of some of the key objects on display, stretched the limitations of showcase performance and design. A further requirement was the need for the new cases to fit comfortably with the museum's many existing 1920s showcases.

Working with Designcraft, we supplied a combination of custom-made showcases and high security timber frame replicas of original 1920s showcases. This challenging installation required a combination of 'fabricate off-site' and 'fabricate in-situ' showcases, and allowed us to demonstrate our ability to give the customer whatever they needed.

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What's Inside

The history of Melbourne, as told by its citizens over the years.


The Melbourne Museum





Cases Used

Vista, Inca and Prism