Ancient learning

Working with mkw design to blend the best of the old with the best of the new for Scotland's oldest university.

  • inca cases at the museum university of st andrews
  • inca cases at the museum university of st andrews
  • inca cases at the museum university of st andrews

That the University of St Andrews is still breaking new ground whilst approaching its 600th anniversary is a testament to the energy and imagination of this prestigious Scottish institution.

We were delighted to be part of the team that helped the university breathe life into MUSA - The Museum of the University of St Andrews - a brand new museum telling the long, and sometimes turbulent, story of Scotland's oldest university.

This was an exciting project, and gave us the chance to renew our long standing relationship with MkW Design Partnership. Their brief was to tell the story of Scotland's first university as it approaches its 600th anniversary, through its unique collections of scientific instruments, silver, stained glass and other artefacts.

MkW helped develop the concept of a story wall that integrates graphics and artefacts - presenting them as a seamless entity - a clear timeline where information and display work together to inform the visitor.

For us, some of our best work is to be found in the case that holds the University's collection of silver arrows and archery medals. These are displayed in a single glass case over 4 metres in length, raised and lowered for access by a custom-built electric lift mechanism operated by remote control. We also used the same lift system to provide access to three cases that are set into the gallery floor, displaying archaeological and geological specimens.

ClickNetherfield rose magnificently to all of these challenges and played a significant part in the success of the project.

Neil Wilson,
MkW Design Partnership

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What's Inside

The University's collection of over 112,000 artefacts from ancient books to local geology.


Museum of the University of St Andrews


October 2008


MkW Design Partnership

Unique Features

Bespoke hydraulic lift access cases, floor cases with 40mm thick glass. A new bespoke design tabletop case with drawer-like access.

Cases Used