The Start of an Era

The National Maritime Museum unveiled its brand new Sammy Ofer Wing in July 2011, a massive 36.5 million pound project that aims to mark the beginning of a radical new era for the institution.

Made possible thanks to a whopping donation of 20 million pounds from shipping magnate Sammy Ofer,who sadly died at the beginning of June last year as well as 5 million pounds from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the new wing includes both permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, a cafe, a brasserie, library, lounge area and significantly increased space for the museum's vast archive.

Dominated by a long, multi-faceted wave-like structure in the centre, onto which bespoke video is projected, the permanent Voyagers Gallery tells the story of Britain and the sea from the 16th century to the 20th century. The museum's Albert Neher said "The general opinion, from comments volunteered rather than sought, is that the Voyagers Gallery cases from ClickNetherfield are very elegant, pleasing and accessible. I agree. They effortlessly cantilever out into the gallery and attract visitors to them. On the working side, the doors function flawlessly and the environment is minutely stable. The Mini-clima units are well placed for access and maintenance. These are features one looks for in a case and I feel that ClickNetherfield have achieved this with style."

The cases from ClickNetherfield are very elegant, aesthetically pleasing and accessible.

Albert Neher, Head of Object Conservation, National Maritime Museum

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What's Inside

Objects ranging from Nelson's last letter to his daughter to a 200-year-old ship's biscuit.


The National Maritime Museum


July 2011

Unique Features

This gallery features display casing the length of a 36m wall

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