Stirling Heads Resurrected

The Stirling Heads were dispersed after the Palace ceilings were taken down in 1777. Some were lost, but most have been gathered, and are now on display

Stirling Castle recently unveiled an ambitious £12 million project which turned the six apartments in Stirling Castle Renaissance Palace into how they may have looked in the mid-16th century when they were the home of Mary, Queen of Scots.

ClickNetherfield provided display cases 6 bespoke Vistas for the Stirling Heads, housed in a special gallery created on the upper floor of the palace where they are on permanent public display. The Stirling Heads are a precious national artistic treasure. 34 of these large oak medallions, which once decorated the ceilings of some of the royal apartments, have been handed down. They are carved with the faces of Scottish Kings and Queens, European royalty, Roman emperors and Classical heroes.

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The Stirling Heads


Stirling Castle Renaissance Palace - The Stirling Heads Gallery


July 2011

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