Tragedy Remembered

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum opened an exhibition dedicated to the Titanic to coincide with the centenary of the ship's launch.

The exhibition, entitled 'TITANIC', explains why Titanic and her sister ships, Olympic and Britannic were built in Belfast and how local enterprise and skills combined to produce vessels of exceptional quality and design. Visitors to the exhibition can discover life on board through original artefacts and personal stories that explore the loss of Titanic in 1912.

Presenting the collections beautifully, the ClickNetherfield showcases form the core architecture of the gallery; arranged in an unusual circular formation, creating an outer and inner ring around which visitors can circulate to engage with different narrative themes. Large double-sided cases divide the two main spaces, enabling visitors to explore in detail the rich and unique collections.

The showcases form the core architecture of the gallery

William Blair, Head of Human History at Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

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What's Inside

More than 500 original artefacts in total, including one of the original plans of the ship with last minute design changes as well as a porthole and a soup tureen from the seabed.


Ulster Folk and Transport Museum


April 2011

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