Preserving Roman Remains

The Vindolanda Trust worked closely with ClickNetherfield to ensure that the strict requirements to safely house ancient Roman Writing Tablets would be met

Vindolanda is probably the largest and most important Roman Fort excavation and museum on Hadrian's Wall in the North of England

It is noted for the Vindolanda Tablets, which are among the most important finds of military and private correspondence found anywhere in the Roman Empire. The Vindolanda Trust was founded in 1970 to excavate and preserve the Roman remains associated with the land owned by the trust. The Trust was keen for the return of the ancient Roman Writing Tablets which were excavated at the site many years ago but then taken to the British Museum for safe-keeping. The British Museum's conservation standards are very high, in terms of both security and environmental controls, and so in order to get them to agree to the loan, the ClickNetherfield display case had to undergo an environmental monitoring period of six months. This was to ensure that the temperature and humidity control element was just right to house the precious artefacts. There is a fine margin between acceptable levels, and ensuring that the case had the ability to maintain optimum levels was absolutely essential. Following a successful monitoring period, the Trust was finally granted loan of the tablets and they are on display now.

"The tablets are extremely interesting and tell us a lot about day-to-day Roman life."

Barbara Birley, Assistant Curator

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