Old bones, new heart

Five distinctive and characterful galleries giving visitors to sheffield a chance to explore a wide range of exhibitions, from natural sciences to local history

  • inca prism and access cases at the weston park museum
  • inca prism and access cases at the weston park museum
  • inca prism and access cases at the weston park museum

In October 2006 afer 42 months closure and a £17 million renovation, Sheffield's former City Museum and Mappin Art Gallery reopened as Weston Park Museum.

Whilst many original features of the neoclassical building are in place, it has been opened up and it feels lighter and more spacious.

The Museums diverse collections are dispersed over 5 themed galleries, ranging from Sheffield Life and Times to What on Earth!, Treasures and About Art. All combine objects and artefacts with graphic and audiovisual presentations as well as interactives. The Harold Cantor Gallery will stage a programme of changing exhibitions.

The Designers have made excellent use of the building to create a distinctive character to each of the Galleries and displays that clearly appealed to a wide spectrum of visitors.

In What on Earth! The use of Amiran® low reflective glass for the showcases has created a stunning natural history display with brilliant clarity and colour and free of reflections. Something that could not have been achieved using standard glass.

In several galleries, notably About Art and Treasures, good use has been made of display storage drawers incorporated in the showcase plinths to provide access to the collections in more depth.

ClickNetherfield rose to the occasion and met all the challenges our creative team threw at them.

Laury Redman,
Redman Design Associates

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What's Inside

A varied range of exhibitions ranging from the natural sciences to local history.


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Cases Used

Inca, Prism and Access