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In this section you can view our case studies by the type of museum collection they were included in.

  • Applied and decorative art

    Design and aesthetics for the real world

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    applied and decorative art collections
  • Archaeology and antiquities

    Preserving the past for the benefit of the future

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    archaeology and antiquities collections
  • Cultural collections

    Looking backward - snapshots of our shared humanity

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    cultural collections
  • Library Collections

    Preserving the written word

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    library collections
  • Military collections

    The horror and heroism of conflict

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    military collections
  • National Collections

    Encapsulating the history of a whole country

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    national collections
  • Natural science collections

    Exposing the machinery of nature

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    natural science collections
  • Numismatics

    Helping us understand the true value of money

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    numismatics collections
  • Regional history collections

    A global view of local history

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    regional history collections
  • Religious Collections

    Keeping the faith

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    religious collections
  • Science and technology

    Standing on the shoulders of giants

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    science and technology collections
  • Specialist collections

    From steamships to Pablo Picasso

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    specialist collections
  • Sports collections

    Playing the game

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    sports collections
  • University Museum Collections

    Preserving the history of higher education

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    university museum collections